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What lacks in antique versions of e- studying fashions? Verbal exchange, collaboration and trade of thoughts lacked in the older version of e-gaining knowledge of outline wondering manner? 2 marks wondering is a non-linear, iterative method that teams use to recognize users, project assumptions, redefine issues and create revolutionary solutions to prototype and take a look at how narratives allows us?


Three marks 1. Better memorization/memory 2. Wealthy knowledge three. Triggering complex and large in variety mental operations, while the student stumbles upon the identical concept later. Cognitive presence? 3 marks while students start wondering in schoolroom, the trainer should talk his expectancies to the scholars to promote crucial wondering. Steps to create cognitive presence, create a triggering occasion. Discover the trouble. EDU 654 MIDTERM PAST PAPER

Combine new thoughts and meanings. Come to a decision or cognitive presence: is the extent to which freshmen are able to construct and affirm that means through sustained reflection and discourse (garrison, Anderson, & archer, 2001). EDU 654 MIDTERM PAST PAPERS

While 40% of kids are going to high school, the relaxation 60% who’re majority aren’t going to school. College students can be attracted to high school through making college environment appealing, meaningful content should study to lessen the drop out fees. The approach to standardize training for all isn’t relevant. But for the organization of college students who’re numerous and to govern the Drop outs, education desires to centralized. EDU 654 MIDTERM PAST PAPERS

While customizing, it is essential to think that how generation or pedagogical capabilities may be applied. How can generation reach the underneath served instructional institutes? Three marks with the emergence of smartphones, e-book readers, net and occasional-value computer systems, as well as sun energy, cellular telephone get right of entry to, and other technology, comes the opportunity to offer schooling to assist individuals and communities in locations below-served via conventional academic institutes.



Era and different improvements allow instructional design and shipping to be adapted to the needs and environment of students enrolled in open and distance learning (old) and traditional academic programs. For this reason, generation also can assist applications shift to a ‘learner-entered’ method of schooling.