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The time period increase is used in purely bodily experience. It generally refers to an increase in length, duration, height and weight. Modifications within the quantitative factors come into the area of boom. Improvement implies overall changes in form, form or structure ensuing in advanced working or functioning. It indicates the changes within the high-quality or man or woman instead of in quantitative aspects.


Boom is one of the components of developmental technique. In a strict fee, development in its quantitative thing is termed as boom. Improvement is a wider and comprehensive term. It refers to normal adjustments in the character. Increase describes the modifications which take area specifically factors of the frame and behaviour of an organism. EDU 302 PAST PAPERS.

Development describes the changes inside the organism as a whole and does not list the changes in elements. Increase does not continue in the course of lifestyles. It stops while maturity has been attained. Improvement is a non-stop method. It is going from womb to tomb. It does now not end with the attainment of adulthood, the modifications, but small they may be, hold throughout the life span of any man or woman. EDU 302 PAST PAPERS

The modifications produced through growth are the concern of size. They will be quantified. Development implies development in functioning and behaviour and for this reason brings qualitative modifications which might be hard to be measured directly.

Improvement is a continues manner. First improvement is a non-stop method. Improvement does not prevent at any time. It maintains from the moment of thought till the man or woman reaches maturity. It takes area at a slow or a fast price, however at an everyday tempo in preference to leaps and bounds. There can be a smash in the continuity of boom because of contamination, hunger or malnutrition or other environmental elements or a few odd conditions within the toddler’s lifestyles.



Development follows a sample : secondly, improvement occurs in an orderly manner and follows a sure sequence. The fee and velocity of improvement may additionally vary in character cases, but the collection of the pattern is the equal.