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Academic steering is related to all components of the curriculum, techniques of coaching, discipline and co-curricular activities. The counsellor offers directions to the scholars about the curriculum content. She or he tells some method of commands which can be related to the curriculum content material. The counsellor guides in area matters. He or she additionally guides the scholars to pick their co- curricular sports. EDU 304 MIDTERM PAST PAPERS

Vocational steerage is a manner of assisting college students to pick a career. Getting ready for moving into and making progress inside the vocation of desire. The number one recognition of guidance is supporting the scholars to make right selections and making plans of their future and building their careers. Private and social assist to a scholar to behave with consideration to other humans. It facilitates college students in acquiring a sense of security, a sense of being popular, tolerance in the direction of others, spiritual maturity, countrywide integration, political obligation, global know-how, empathy and sympathy. EDU 304 MIDTERM PAST PAPERS

It refers to give right steering to someone so that they spend their entertainment time in a wonderful manner. Avocational guidance facilitates a person to judiciously make use of the amusement time. Usually college students do not recognize that how they are able to spend their entertainment time, so here proper steering may be very essential. If there may be no right guidance, the scholars will have interaction in non-academic sports. EDU 304 MIDTERM PAST PAPERS

Avocational steerage caters to those students who are going through loss of hobby in, or over enthusiasm for sports, music and art and so on. Avocational enables to convey balance in academic or non-educational problems. The avocational guidance brings inability to engage in sports because of health troubles or bodily activities. Avocational steerage additionally caters in confined way or immoderate way. EDU 304 MIDTERM PAST PAPERS

As an instance: if a pupil belongs to a particular economic repute. He/she cannot supply interest in research here controlling offers through avocational steerage. Avocational steering could be very crucial in which there may be: loss of hobby in analysing loss of interest in handicrafts. We will deliver advantageous stability between instructional and non-educational troubles. Normally, fitness steering does no longer exist in schools. Many problems can be crop up if there’s no fitness guidance. EDU 304 MIDTERM PAST PAPERS

Whilst college students are sick, they’re unable to pay attention to their research. After they can not deal with their research, they’ll face academic troubles. It’s miles very essential to take care of the fitness and moral of the students. Fitness steering approach overall health of the scholars. The aim of health steering is preventive and healing. Fitness steering can be a cooperative effort of most important, medical doctor, counsellor/psychology, teacher, pupil and dad and mom. EDU 304 MIDTERM PAST PAPERS

This bests possible when the machine is to be had in the school. When we communicate about preventive health guidance measures, there are issues. The hostels and canteens need to be measures hygienically neat and clean. Many sicknesses could be crop up while the hostels and canteens aren’t properly checked. Hygienic level need to be maintained.