Slovak Government Scholarship 2023 For Foreigners

Slovak Government Scholarship 2023 For Foreigners. Slovak government Scholarship (the countrywide  Scholarship software of the Slovak Republic) had been hooked up with the aid of the Slovak Republic to the guide the mobility of college students, PhD studentscollege instructors, researchers and artists. Slovak Government Scholarship 2023 For Foreigners.

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The Slovak Scholarship for international college students to study in Europe is funded with the aid of the Ministry of educationsciencestudies and recreation of the Slovak Republic. This Scholarship is offered to candidates inclined to have a short live (usually three to 10 months) in Slovakia for studies or study purpose. Slovak Government Scholarship 2023 For Foreigners.

located in valuable Europe, Slovakia is a 49,000 square kilometers us of a with over five. four million populace. The Slovak Republic is a member of the Eurozone, the eu Union, the Schengen location, the United nations, the Council of Europe, the Visegrád group the WTO, NATO, CERN, the OSCE and the OECD. Slovakia is a evolved united states with an advanced excessiveearnings economy, that has a great recognition when it comes to civil liberties, press freedom, democratic governance, and peacefulness.

The u . s . a . provides residents with ordinary fitness care, unfastened education, and one of the longest paid parental leaves within the OECD. Slovakia is likewise domestic to 8 UNESCO global history sites and its capital is Bratislava. Slovak Government Scholarship 2023 For Foreigners.

Summary about Slovak Government Scholarship 2023 For Foreigners:

  • Host institutionshigher schooling institutions and studies organizations in Slovakia.
  • Fields of observeavailable fields at host institutions in Slovakia.
  • variety of awards: no longer certain.
  • length: Please discover information beneath.
  • Eligible international locations: Open to all nationalities.

Scholarship Benefits:

The Slovak government Scholarship is supposed to cover worldwide Scholarship holders’ residing costs, i.e. the prices related to staying in Slovakia (mealslodgingand so on.), during their take a look atresearch/creative or teaching live at universities and in research companies in Slovakia. The scholarship holder can ask for assistance concerning lodging and formalities related to getting into and staying in Slovak Republic. Slovak Government Scholarship 2023 For Foreigners.

  1. University student four hundred € per month
  2. PhD pupil 734 € per month
  3. University instructor/researcher/artist:
    • Without PhD diploma (or its equivalent) and less than 4 years of work enjoy as a college teacher/researcher/artist 734 € consistent with month
    • With PhD diploma (or its equal) and much less than 10 years of work enjoy as a university instructor/researcher/artist 980 € consistent with month
    • With PhD diploma (or its equivalent) and greater than 10 years of labor revel in as a university instructor/researcher/artist 1,050 € in line with month
  4. reimbursement up to 250 € for prices associated with medical exam
  5. Tour allowance: it is provided as a lump sum and it will be paid to the scholarship holder on the stop of his/her live collectively with the last scholarship charge. The travel allowance amount depends on the space (in a right away line) among the applicant’s region of residence and the vicinity of his/her stay in Slovakia. Slovak Government Scholarship 2023 For Foreigners.
    • distance up to 350 km – zero €;
    • distance extra than 350 km, max. 2,000 km; 250 €;
    • distance extra than 2,000 km, max. 7,000 km – 500 €;
    • distance greater than 7,000 km – 1000 €.
    • Please use this  Distance Calculator to estimate the space from your house country to Slovakia.

Duration of the Stay:

Slovak Government Scholarship 2023 For Foreigners.

  1. period of a scholarship live (college students)
    • 1 – 2 complete semesters (i.e. 4 – five or 9 – 10 months) or
    • 1 – 3 trimesters, in case the instructional yr is split into trimesters (i.e. three – four or 6 – 7 or 9 – 10 months)
  2. Duration of a scholarship stay (PhD students): 1 – 10 months.
  3. Duration of a scholarship live (university instructors, researchers, or artists): 1 – 10 months.

beginning of the scholarship live:

  • studentsthe beginning of the stay is between 1 February 2023 and 1 April 2023
  • PhD studentscollege teachers, researchers and artists: the beginning of the live is among 1 February 2023 and 31 August 2023.

of completion of the scholarship stay:

  • students: the modern-day date of the of entirety of the live is 31 August 2023
  • PhD studentscollege instructors, researchers and artists: the modern day date of the crowning glory of the live is 30 November 2023.

Eligibility Criteria:

To use for this authorities scholarship, candidates should have one of the following profile:

Slovak Government Scholarship 2023 For Foreigners.

A) students who:

  • are college college students at universities out of doors Slovakia;
  • are college students of the second one degree of better schooling (grasp’s students), or
  • are students who on the time of utility cut-off date have already finished as a minimum 2.5 years of their college research in the identical take a look at program;
    will be on a examine stay in Slovakia in the course of their higher schooling out of doors Slovakia and may be generic through a public, non-public, or nation university in Slovakia for academic mobility to take a look at in Slovakia. Slovak Government Scholarship 2023 For Foreigners.

All three situations ought to be met. This category does no longer follow to doctoral (PhD) research (or their equivalent). Slovak Government Scholarship 2023 For Foreigners.

B) PhD students whose higher education or scientific training takes location outdoor Slovakia and who’re widespread through a public, non-public, or country university or a research institution in Slovakia are eligible to carry out a doctoral take a look at application (e.g., the Slovak Academy of Sciences) for educational mobility to have a look at/conduct research in Slovakia. Slovak Government Scholarship 2023 For Foreigners.

C) international college teachers, researchers and artists who’re invited to a coaching/research/creative live in Slovakia via an group with a legitimate certificate of eligibility to carry out research and development, which is not a commercial enterprise agency, and it has its headquarters in Slovakia. Slovak Government Scholarship 2023 For Foreigners.

citizens of any country inside the international (except the residents of Slovakia) can observe for a Scholarship stay in Slovakia within the framework of the NSP. Slovak Government Scholarship 2023 For Foreigners.

How to Apply for the Slovak Government Scholarship?

To apply for this government scholarship, applicants need to click on the follow button and follow given instructions to publish their utilitythe online application machine is open at least 6 weeks previous to the utility cut-off dateapplications may be filled in best in case that the web utility system has already been opened. Slovak Government Scholarship 2023 For Foreigners.

Here is the list of higher education institutions and research organizations in Slovakia.

Required Document for university student of the second level of higher education

Please locate beneath, the list of required documents that ought to be attached to the online utility for a look at live in case of worldwide students (eligible applicants underneath class A):

Slovak Government Scholarship 2023 For Foreigners.

  1. curriculum vitae;
  2. motivation letter;
  3. targeted examine softwareit’s far necessary to kingdom the date of the beginning of the stayperiod of the livelisting of subjects that the applicant would really like to observe all through his/her stay, and number of credit that the applicant will advantage for the respective topics;
  4. advice letters issued via the applicant’s college instructors (the report need to include the signature, roleand get in touch with information of the person who issued the document). the advice letter cannot be older than three months at the day of the application deadline;
  5. confirmation issued by the applicant’s domestic university confirming that the applicant is a regular student of the respective college on the time of applying: the affirmation have
  6. to comprise information at the anticipated date of the final touch of the applicant’s studies;
    test of applicant’s
  7. bachelor’s diplomadegree complement and nation examination certificate (if relevant);
    admission/invitation letter issued by means of applicant’s host university in Slovakia indicating the period of live.

Required Document for PhD students:

Please locate underneath, the listing of required documents that must be connected to the net application for a look at/studies/inventive stay in case of global PhD college. Slovak Government Scholarship 2023 For Foreigners. students (eligible applicants underneath the class B):

  1. curriculum vitae;
  2. motivation letter;
  3. specified have a look at/research/creative applicationit is necessary to country the date of the start of the stayperiod of the stay, and an in depth time plan of the stay;
    recommendation letter issued by means of applicant’s
  4. dissertation supervisor (the record must comprise the signature, functionand call info of the individual that issued the file). the recommendation letter cannot be older than 3 months on the day of
  5. the software cut-off date;
  6. confirmation issued by using the applicant’s home university/research business enterprise confirming that the applicant is at the utility deadline a regular PhD scholar of the respective university/studies company– the affirmation have to comprise data on the expected date of the finishing touch of the applicant’s PhD studies; Slovak Government Scholarship 2023 For Foreigners.
    experiment of
  7. applicant’s master’s diplomadegree supplement and country examination certificates (if applicable);
  8. listing of courses/inventive sports using the specified form (click here to Get file the form);
    admission/invitation letter issued by means of applicant’s host university/studies corporation in Slovakia indicating the duration of live.

Required Document for university teachers/researchers/artists:

Please find under, the listing of required documents that must be connected to the web application for a teaching and/or studies/creative stay in case of worldwide university instructors/researchers/artists (eligible candidates beneath the class C): Slovak Government Scholarship 2023 For Foreigners.

  1. curriculum vitae;
  2. designated teaching and/or research/artistic applicationit is essential to nation the date of the start of the stayduration of the stay, and an in depth time plan of the stay;
  3. experiment of applicant’s diploma of the best instructional diploma carried out;
  4. listing of guides/creative activities the use of the desired form (click here to get file load the form);
  5. invitation letter issued by applicant’s host college/research corporation in Slovakia indicating the duration of stay. Slovak Government Scholarship 2023 For Foreigners.

application time limits are April 30, 2022 at sixteen:00 CET (for scholarship remains during the following instructional yr) and October 31, 2022 at sixteen:00 CET (for scholarship stays at some point of the summer season semester of the present day instructional yr). Slovak Government Scholarship 2023 For Foreigners.


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