Scholarships at Université de Montréal 2024 Application

Scholarships at Université de Montréal 2024 Application. Université de Montréal offers a range of scholarships to support students in their academic pursuits. These scholarships provide financial assistance to deserving students, recognizing their achievements, and helping them achieve their educational goals. In this note, we will provide an overview of the scholarships available at Université de Montréal, including eligibility criteria and application process.

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Scholarship Summary

  • Level of Study: Undergraduate Masters / PhD
  • Institution(s): Université de Montréal
  • Study in: Canada
  • Courses Offered: Students can enrol in any subject offered by university.
  • Program Period: Depends on the degree program
  • Deadline:For graduate (master’s, specialized graduate diploma referred to as DESS, microprogram) and postgraduate programs (PhD, doctorate):
    • Start of application period: February 1st
    • End of application period for all candidates: September 1st

1. Merit-Based Scholarships:

Université de Montréal offers several merit-based scholarships to recognize and reward exceptional academic performance. These scholarships are awarded to students who have demonstrated outstanding achievements in their previous studies. The selection criteria usually include grade point average (GPA), academic excellence, and sometimes extracurricular involvement. Students may be automatically considered for these scholarships based on their application for admission or may need to submit a separate scholarship application.

2. Need-Based Scholarships:

In addition to merit-based scholarships, Université de Montréal also provides need-based scholarships to students who demonstrate financial need. These scholarships aim to alleviate the financial burden on students and ensure that they have equal opportunities to pursue their studies. Eligibility criteria may include family income, assets, and other relevant financial information. Students typically need to submit a financial aid application, along with supporting documents, to be considered for these scholarships.

3. Research and Graduate Scholarships:

Université de Montréal offers various scholarships specifically for research and graduate students. These scholarships support students pursuing master’s or doctoral studies, as well as those engaged in research projects. These scholarships often cover tuition fees, provide a stipend for living expenses, and may also include funds for research-related costs. The selection process for these scholarships is usually competitive and may involve submission of a research proposal, academic references, and academic achievements.

4. International Scholarships:

Université de Montréal values diversity and welcomes international students. To support their educational journey, the university provides scholarships specifically designed for international students. These scholarships can help cover tuition fees, living expenses, and other costs associated with studying abroad. Eligibility criteria vary for each scholarship, and international students are encouraged to check the university’s official website or contact the international student office for more information.


Scholarships at Université de Montréal play a vital role in supporting students and making education more accessible. Whether based on merit, financial need, research, or international status, these scholarships provide valuable financial assistance to deserving students. It is important for prospective students to review the eligibility criteria, application deadlines, and submission requirements for each scholarship they are interested in. Applying for these scholarships can significantly contribute to a student’s academic success and reduce the financial burden associated with pursuing higher education at Université de Montréal.

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