Elephant Learning Scholarship 2024

Elephant Learning Scholarship. Elephant Math Scholarship. We teach everything from counting to algebra, and our algebra programme was created to help university students who were having trouble with higher level mathematics. No matter how far ahead or behind your learner is, our adaptive algorithms swiftly adjust to their level. Elephant Learning Scholarship.

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Our Mission: Empower ALL children with mathematics:

We want to make sure that everyone can access our highly regarded programme. We provide grants to help all families afford the programme. All applicants will receive particular consideration, and this includes:

  • Low and Middle Class Families
  • Homeschooling/Military Families
  • Children with Special Needs
  • STEM learners
  • Student athletes, student musicians, or student artists

Although our system is seen as additional, the subjects we address are crucial. They are what facilitate comprehension of the other curricular components. The outcome is a student who can comprehend the instructor in the classroom. Elephant Learning Scholarship

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We Teach You How To Teach Mathematics:

Not everyone is good at maths. We comprehend it! Nearly half of first- and second-graders say they are already anxious about arithmetic! Our goal is to give pupils the mathematical tools they need. Elephant Learning offers you a full range of help. Our articles and puzzles are simple. The reports make it easier for you to comprehend what your kid is doing and how you might extend their learning outside the classroom. Elephant Learning Scholarship

Included are calls with live maths coaches who are trained to help parents and students overcome arithmetic fear and succeed, which we refer to as Results Counselling.  We have worked with pupils who have severe mathematics anxiety, as well as students who adore maths. In either case, we are your dedicated success coach. Elephant Learning Scholarship

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How We Provide Results Elephant Learning Scholarship:

The Elephant Age™ is the typical age of a student studying the same mathematics as your child outside our system. It is computed based on national and regional criteria. The Elephant Age is a single numerical measure that lets you quickly assess how well your pupil is doing.

The Placement Exam:

Students above the age of five begin with a placement exam meant to determine their first level of comprehension. The placement exam is set up so that your kid falls behind and then catches up with them, helping them gain confidence right away. Following completion, you receive a thorough report that explains why your student was placed where they were and how their initial Elephant Age was determined.

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Proven Curriculum:

Our curriculum was created using scientific engineering and tested early childhood education techniques. Elephant Learning was created by PhD mathematicians and scientists to be less repetitive and more effective in every manner, together with cutting-edge algorithms that keep up with your students’ comprehension. Our sole goal is to equip them with numerical skills.

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Guaranteed Results:

Over 130,000 pupils have used our system, and on average, kids who use it for 30 minutes a week acquire 1.5 years in their age over the course of 10 weeks, proving the effectiveness of our programme. If your student follows our approach for just 30 minutes a week, they will advance at least one year in elephant age in just three months, or we will refund your money.

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