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cs502 quiz 2 solution 2022, cs502 quiz 2 solution 2022 By Raise For Success. Answer every one of the inquiries posed Search for questions. Some might seem covered inside a section. Find them and respond to them definitively. An associate or a planned client’s responses to a fragmented response are probably going to be horrible. The client might imagine that the respondent is thoughtless or intentionally attempting to
hide a flimsy point. Overall “exclusions cast doubts” whether you are noting a request about your item or prescribing a previous representative to a new position. In the event that you have no data on a specific inquiry, say so obviously. Assuming that you have horrible. Data in reply to specific inquiries, handle your answer with both consideration and trustworthiness. cs502 quiz 2 solution 2022, cs502 quiz 2 solution 2022 By Raise For Success
Model. In one case, a product wholesaler while answering a client’s letter addressed just four of the seven inquiries. The first inquiries had fairly covered up and covered five long passages so the respondent clearly ignored them. The answer was inadequate and unpleasant and made the merchant lose business. cs502 quiz 2 solution 2022 By Raise For Success

cs502 quiz 2 solution 2022, cs502 quiz 2 solution 2022 By Raise For Success

Question No 1:

According to parenthesis lemma, vertex u is a descendent of v vertex if and only if:

  • Unrelated
  • Disjoint
  • Correct 

Question No 2:
The relationship between number of back edges and number of cycles in DFS is:

  • Back edges are one quarter of cycles Correct
  • Both are equal
  • Both edges are half of cycles
  • There in no relationship between no. of edges and cycles

Question No 3:
Cross edge is:

  • (u,v) where u and v are not ancestor of one another
  • (u,v) where u and v are not ancestor or descendent of one another Correct
  • (u,v) where u is ancestor of v and v is not descendent of u
  • (u,v) where u and v are either ancestor or descendent of one another

Question No 4:
Bellman-Ford Algorithm does not allow G(graph) to have _____

  • Negative weights edges Correct
  • Positive cost cycles
  • Positive weights edges
  • Negative cost cycles

Question No 5:
The key[u] is the weight of the ______ going from u to any vertex in S.

  • Heavier edge
  • Lightest edge Correct
  • Lighter edge
  • Edge

Question No 6:
Adding any edge to a free creates a unique _____.

  • Vertex
  • Cycle Correct
  • Strong component
  • Edge

Question No 7:
Networks are ______ in the sense that it is possible from any location in the network to reach any other location in the digraph.

  • Complete Correct
  • Not graphs
  • Transportation
  • Incomplete

Question No 8:

In a printer with DB-25 interface _____ signal is better for edge triggered systems.

  • ACKNLG# Correct
  • PE#
  • STROB#
  • BUSY#

Question No 9:

_____ in the concept in which a process is copied into the main memory from the secondary memory according to the requirement.

  • Demand Paging Correct
  • Logical Partition
  • Segmentation
  • Paging

Question No 10:

Along with information bits we add up another bit which is called the _____ bit.

  • CRC
  • Hamming
  • Parity Correct
  • Error Detection

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