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zoo510 past papers .Water farming • The art of growing a natural water product. • Farming means a form of interventions for growth
production improvement process, such as standard installation, feeding, protection from predators, etc. • Aquaculture is therefore an aquaculture natural or controlled marine or freshwater areas • Both under controlled or partially controlled conditions. • Mariculture – (old name) seawater or brackish• Aquaculture includes aquaculture,
including fish, crustaceans, crustaceans and aquatic plants. ”  zoo510 past papers

History of Aquaculture

• Egyptian tombs have a bas-relief (carved) fish (tilapia) removed from lakes – 2500 B.C. • Carp was cultivated in China after 2500 B.C. – Wen Fang – founder of the Chou Dynasty is named the first fish farmer – (during the exile he kept records of fish growth as well character) – Fan Li – wrote the first book on fish farming in 475 B.C.
– The Lee family – They were the first in the carculture carp at the time The kingdom of Tang 600 to 900 A.D. • England – 1500 AD carp culture was introduced • The U.S. – The first fishing grounds were in Oregon 1877 zoo510 past papers

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Terms of Design for the Lake • Entrance gates are inspected at the shallow edge of the lake • Harvest gates tested at deep depths • Basket harvesting slope (0.5-1.0%) • Water depth 1.25  2.00 M. Feed tray pipes (booths) • Round or square corners, stairs or entrances • Small levees are wide enough to accommodate cars. The height is determined by the height of the bottom of the lake, amplitude at sea. zoo510 past papers.

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• The perimeter levee is usually required to be protected from flood areas • Levees with slopes 1: 2 with high clay, low clay 1: 3-4 • The width of the Levee crown varies by use
Crown width: 5 m (driving), 3m (walking) • The crown is sloping to reduce gaps above the walls • Once built, the levees are cut with grass so that reduce soil erosion.