Smithsonian Asian Pacific American Center Internships 2024


The Smithsonian Asian Pacific American (APA) program is an integral part of the Smithsonian Institution, dedicated to promoting the understanding and appreciation of the diverse cultures and histories of Asian Pacific Americans. Through exhibitions, educational programs, research, and community outreach, the Smithsonian APA program strives to foster dialogue, challenge stereotypes, and celebrate the contributions of Asian Pacific Americans to the fabric of American society.

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Smithsonian Asian Pacific American Center Internships Summary

  • Institution: Smithsonian Asian Pacific American Center
  • Locations: USA
  • Internship-Focused Areas: All majors
  • Internship Period: Internships usually last anywhere between 10-15 weeks. We encourage part-time internships of 20-30 hours per week and are flexible with start & end dates, duration, and number of hours worked per week.
  • Deadline:

    • Summer 2023 (June-August): No later than March 10, 2023
    • Fall 2023 (September-December): No later than June 09, 2023
    • Spring 2024 (February-May): No later than November 10, 2023

I. Mission and Goals:

A. Mission:
The mission of the Smithsonian Asian Pacific American program is to illuminate the experiences and achievements of Asian Pacific Americans, exploring their contributions to American history, art, culture, and society.

B. Goals:
1. Education and Awareness:
– Provide educational resources and programs that promote a greater understanding of Asian Pacific American history, culture, and experiences.
– Raise awareness about the contributions and struggles of Asian Pacific Americans throughout history.

2. Research and Documentation:

– Conduct scholarly research on Asian Pacific American history, art, and culture to enrich our understanding and inform our exhibitions and programs.
– Collect, preserve, and document Asian Pacific American artifacts, photographs, documents, and oral histories.

3. Exhibitions and Public Programs:

– Curate exhibitions that showcase the diversity and richness of Asian Pacific American experiences, highlighting significant events, individuals, and cultural expressions.
– Organize public programs, such as lectures, performances, and workshops, to engage the public and foster dialogue about Asian Pacific American issues.

4. Community Engagement:

– Collaborate with Asian Pacific American communities and organizations to ensure their voices and perspectives are included and represented in our programs.
– Provide platforms for community members to share their stories, traditions, and experiences with a wider audience.

II. Programs and Initiatives:

A. Exhibitions:
– Develop and present major exhibitions that explore various aspects of Asian Pacific American history, culture, and contemporary issues.
– Examples of past exhibitions include “I Want the Wide American Earth: An Asian Pacific American Story” and “A More Perfect Union: Japanese Americans and the U.S. Constitution.”

B. Educational Resources:
– Create educational materials, including lesson plans, online resources, and publications, to support educators in teaching Asian Pacific American history and culture.
– Offer workshops and professional development opportunities for educators to enhance their knowledge and skills in incorporating Asian Pacific American perspectives into their curriculum.

C. Public Programs:
– Organize a diverse range of public programs, including lectures, panel discussions, film screenings, and performances, to engage audiences and facilitate dialogue on Asian Pacific American issues.

D. Research and Collections:
– Conduct research on Asian Pacific American history, art, and culture, resulting in publications, articles, and scholarly contributions.
– Expand and enhance the Asian Pacific American collections, collaborating with communities and individuals to acquire significant artifacts, documents, and oral histories.

III. Community Outreach:

A. Collaborations:
– Forge partnerships with Asian Pacific American organizations, cultural institutions, and community leaders to create meaningful collaborations and amplify the voices of Asian Pacific Americans.

B. Cultural Festivals and Events:
– Participate in and support Asian Pacific American cultural festivals and events to engage with communities and celebrate their cultural heritage and achievements.

C. Youth and Family Programs:
– Develop programs and activities specifically designed for youth and families to inspire curiosity and a deeper understanding of Asian Pacific American history and culture.


The Smithsonian Asian Pacific American program plays a crucial role in promoting the understanding, appreciation, and inclusion of Asian Pacific American experiences and contributions. Through its exhibitions, educational resources, research, and community engagement, the program seeks to create a more comprehensive and accurate narrative of American history and culture, reflecting the diverse voices and stories of Asian Pacific Americans.

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