MTH603 Midterm Past Papers

MTH603 Midterm Past Papers. MTH603 Midterm Past Papers are now available for all the students who are willing to take their exams. This is a great opportunity for all of you to get your hands on the previous years’ papers and to get a feel for the exam. The papers are available to get from the official website of the university, and they are also available for purchase from the bookshop.

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1- MTH603 Midterm Past Papers

MTH603 Midterm Past Papers

1 MTH603 Midterm Past Papers :

MTH603 is a midterm examination conducted by the Virtual University of Pakistan. The aim of this examination is to assess the understanding of the students about the various topics covered in the course. The examination is of total 100 marks and the duration is two hours.

The paper is divided into three sections namely

1. Algebra (30 Marks)

2. Calculus (30 Marks)

3. Numerical Analysis (40 Marks)


• All questions are compulsory.

• There are total 10 questions in the paper.

• Questions from each section are to be attempted separately.

• Calculator is allowed.

• Every question has four options, out of which only one is correct.

• Choose the most appropriate answer and mark it in the answer sheet provided separately.

• Wrong answers will be awarded negative marks.

Section – I

Question # 1

Given that 𝑓′(𝑥) = 2𝑥+1 and 𝑓(1) = 3. Find the value of 𝑓(2).

(a) 𝑓(2) = 9

(b) 𝑓(2) = 11

(c) 𝑓(2) = 12

(d) 𝑓(2) = 14


Given that,

𝑓′(𝑥) = 2𝑥+1 …………(1)

𝑓(1) = 3 ………………(2)

Now, using the formula,

𝑓(𝑥) = 𝑓(𝑥₀)+𝑓′(𝑥₀)(𝑥−𝑥₀)

We get,

𝑓(2) = 𝑓(1)+

3- MTH603 Midterm Past Papers PDF

MTH603 Midterm Past Papers PDF

The MTH603 Midterm Past Papers PDF are a great resource for students who are preparing for their upcoming midterm exams. The papers provide a wealth of information and can help students identify areas where they need to focus their studies.

The PDFs contain a variety of information, including:

-A complete list of all the topics covered on the exam
-Sample questions for each topic
-Detailed explanations of the correct answers
-Tips and strategies for studying for the exam

The MTH603 Midterm Past Papers PDF are an invaluable resource for any student who wants to be prepared for their upcoming exams. By taking the time to review the papers, students will be able to identify areas where they need to focus their studies and will be better prepared to achieve success on the exam.

4- MTH603 Midterm Papers solved

MTH603 Midterm Papers solved:

  • 1Get the MTH603 Midterm Papers solved from the link below.
  • 2. Unzip the file.
  • 3. Open the file and read the instructions carefully.
  • 4. Follow the instructions and attempt the paper accordingly.
  • 5. After attempting the paper, check your answers with the given solution.
  • 6. Compare your answers with the correct ones and find out your mistakes.
  • 7. Learn from your mistakes and attempt the paper again.
  • 8. Repeat the steps until you get full marks in the paper.
  • 9. All the best!

MTH603 Midterm Past Papers