Asian Development Bank – Japan Scholarship Program


The Asian Development Bank (ADB) is an international financial institution dedicated to promoting economic development and poverty reduction in the Asia-Pacific region. Japan, as one of the founding members and major shareholders of the ADB, plays a crucial role in shaping its policies, strategies, and operations. This note provides an overview of the partnership between the ADB and Japan, highlighting key areas of collaboration and contributions.

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Scholarship Summary

  • Level of Study: Masters / PhD
  • Study in:  Hong Kong, China, Japan, India, New Zealand, Pakistan, Philippines Singapore, Thailand and USA
  • Courses Offered:

    Economics, Business and Management, Law and Public Policy, Natural resource management, Science and technology, Other development-related fields.

  • Number of Scholarships: About 300 scholarships are awarded annually.

1. Establishment and Membership:

– The ADB was established in 1966 to foster economic growth and regional integration in Asia and the Pacific.
– Japan was one of the original 31 members that founded the ADB and holds the largest voting power among the member countries.
– Japan’s financial contributions to the ADB, through capital subscriptions and voluntary contributions, have been instrumental in supporting the bank’s operations.

2. Financial Support and Investments:

– Japan has been a key contributor to the ADB’s financial resources, providing substantial capital subscriptions, grants, and concessional loans.
– Japanese contributions have enabled the ADB to finance various development projects and programs in sectors such as infrastructure, energy, transportation, and social development.
– Japan’s financial support has played a crucial role in promoting sustainable and inclusive growth in the region.

3. Technical Assistance and Knowledge Sharing:

– Japan has actively collaborated with the ADB in providing technical assistance and sharing its expertise in various sectors.
– The Japan Fund for Poverty Reduction (JFPR), administered by the ADB, has supported innovative projects aimed at reducing poverty and improving livelihoods in the region.
– Japan has also contributed to capacity building and knowledge sharing initiatives, facilitating the transfer of best practices and technologies for sustainable development.

4. Collaboration in Priority Areas:

– Disaster Risk Reduction and Climate Change: Japan and the ADB have partnered in addressing climate change challenges and strengthening disaster resilience in the region.
– Infrastructure Development: Japan’s expertise in infrastructure development has been instrumental in supporting the ADB’s initiatives to enhance connectivity, promote regional integration, and address infrastructure gaps.
– Private Sector Development: Japan has collaborated with the ADB to promote private sector investments, entrepreneurship, and economic reforms, fostering sustainable economic growth.

5. Policy Dialogue and Governance:

– Japan actively engages in policy dialogue within the ADB, shaping the bank’s strategic direction and policies.
– Japan’s representatives hold important positions within the ADB, including serving as the President of the bank on several occasions.
– The ADB’s partnership with Japan ensures effective governance and accountability in the institution’s operations.


The partnership between the Asian Development Bank and Japan has been crucial in fostering economic development, poverty reduction, and regional integration in Asia and the Pacific. Through financial contributions, technical assistance, and collaboration in priority areas, Japan has played a significant role in the ADB’s efforts to promote sustainable and inclusive growth. The continued partnership between the ADB and Japan holds immense potential in addressing emerging challenges and driving the region’s development agenda.

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